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Your IP address is visible to every website and reveals your current location at any time!

By surfing the web without using a VPN, you reveal your IP address to anyone and every page you are visiting. With this address every step you take on the Internet can exactly be traced.

To find out your current IP address, it is enough to simply open the IP Check on this page. It will always show you your current IP address. This is always your personal one if you do not use a VPN or proxy.

With the help of SpyOFF VPN you can block all the spies out! SpyOFF hides your IP address so that nobody can track your activities on the Internet

Just follow these 4 steps to see if your VPN is working properly:

  1. Close the connection to your VPN service and open our IP Check
  2. Write down or create a screenshot of the displayed IP address
  3. Start your VPN and reload the IP Check
  4. You should now be displayed a different IP address.

If you do not see another IP address, something may not be properly configured on your VPN. Are you already a SpyOFF customer, then contact our support!