Why you should use VPN

Your IP Address is a fingerprint!

You have heard a bit about IP addresses before: a numerical code which is assigned to your device when you connect to the Internet. Normally you receive a new IP address every time you make a new Internet connection. Nevertheless, this means the sites you visit and your online activities are observed for a given period of time. Your IP address can be used to very clearly identify you. Websites use this not only to present personalised advertising, but also to work out your location and to obtain further personal, sometimes highly sensitive information such as account details, using cookies.

When you use a VPN client, nobody can trace your activities, as they take place inside the so-called “tunnel”. This means you can disguise your IP and encrypt your data transfers. The tunnel also allows for secure and anonymous web browsing. The SpyOFF VPN client offers security and privacy on all devices – with a 15-day free trial period.


For a better online experience …

Surf the web anonymously

Nowadays a comprehensive profile of you can be put together incredibly quickly through personal information. Therefore it’s important to look after your anonymity and disguise your IP address, your “digital fingerprint” when online. Complete online security is no longer a problem when you use the SpyOFF VPN client. SpyOFF disguises your true identity and encrypts your transferred data. If you’re at home, at work or in a public building; you can go about your business online anonymously and without restrictions.


You’re safe online even when out and about

Public Wi-Fi is practical. You can get online using hotspots, minimize your mobile data usage and use the Internet whenever you want. Whether to pass the time or to find urgent information such as directions or opening times – we all turn to the Internet for help. Every hotspot however, represents a significant security risk for your data. With 256-bit SSL encryption we look after your privacy and help you avoid identity theft. SpyOFF also protects you against malware, viruses and spy software. You won’t just be browsing the web anonymously; you can also shop online securely. Our VPN client guarantees constant security on every one of your devices!


You will avoid throttling

Your Internet service provider (ISP) can throttle your connection speed as a result of your online activities. Thanks to the SpyOFF VPN client’s encryption it is no long possible for your ISP to examine your online data traffic. Through this you can protect your privacy, circumvent network congestion and take advantage of greater connection speeds. With SpyOFF you can always browse the web without speed reductions – anonymously and securely!


Protect your online privacy

Need to go on a business trip, want to watch your domestic media services while on holiday and carry on using social media like Facebook and Twitter? With a VPN solution you can browse the web anonymously. In addition, a VPN allows you to hamper or prevent attempts by website to identify your location. This helps you protect your online privacy and gives you control over where you connect.


Unlock more content

Access all the content offered by your favorite streaming service provider. Watch the newest series with original sound as soon as they are released. Don’t miss any major sporting events while using SpyOFF to improve your online security. With a VPN solution you can prevent the identification of your location and stream media without restrictions. We take care of your security and anonymity while streaming so you can just lie back and enjoy the content!


SpyOFF is your VPN client for every eventuality!

We don’t just offer genuine anonymity and absolute security online, for us the protection of your online privacy and freedom is a main commitment and goal. We also have a lot more to offer, such as our 15 day free trial of our VPN client, which you should try out right away!