SpyOFF Warrant Canary Statement

Warrant Canary Statements are regular published acknowledgments that a provider has never cooperated with security authorities or been forced to disclose data. If one day it stops or is no longer updated, this means that the provider was forced to cooperate.


SpyOFF VPN hereby confirms that it has full control over the infrastructure used by the SpyOFF VPN service. To this day, no component has ever been broken into and nobody has ever stolen or accessed data from our system. In addition, we have never shared our users' information with other companies or government agencies. Furthermore, we have never been forced to open our system to authorities or provide access to our data in any way.

Until today:


We confirm the following:
  • We have never shared data with security authorities
  • We are not under any kind of secrecy agreement, so we can speak openly about any state or government influence
  • None of our network components have ever been seized or investigated by authorities
As you can read in our Zero-Log-Policy, we are 100% committed to our goal of providing our users with absolute security. That's why we NEVER log the activities of our users.

San Marino also ensures the increased security of SpyOFF users. San Marino has stricter laws governing the disclosure of data to authorities and prosecutors than most other countries. In addition, there are no laws that could provide for data retention or force companies to disclose customer information. Accordingly, San Marino is the ideal location for a business that cares about the security of its users' data.