VPN Installation Windows - Tutorial

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Hi! I will guide you during the installation process. Please carry out every single step listed on the left. Click on the buzzing blue information icons for useful tips.

John, SpyOFF customer service

Please note: The SpyOFF VPN app cannot be found in the Mac App Store at the moment. However, you can still download and install the app by clicking the App Store button on the right.

Initiate the setup process
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Start the installation by double clicking setup.exe. This opens the installation wizard. Continue by clicking "next".

Please note: In some cases Windows inquires whether you really want to carry out the VPN installation, whether the application may access your system and whether you wish to install the SpyOFF VPN software. Please confirm these notifications in order to continue the installation.

Accept the Terms of Usen
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Proceed with the installation. Please read the Terms of Use and check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement". Thereby you agree with our Terms of Use and may continue the installation by clicking on "next".

Please note: If you do not accept the Terms of Use and don’t check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" the VPN installation cannot proceed.

Choose the storage location
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Now you select the folder where you want to save the necessary data for SpyOFF. A path is given by default, which you may change by clicking on “browse” and manually selecting a location that fits your needs. After deciding on a location, please confirm the selection by clicking on "next".

Please note: Only very few MB are required for the installation of the SpyOFF software.

Create a shortcut
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Step 5 of the installation process enables you to create shortcuts. By checking the option "Desktop" you create a shortcut on your desktop. By checking "Start Menu Program Folder" you create a shortcut in the start menu. Please confirm your selection by clicking "next" and continue the installation.

Please note: Creating shortcuts is not a required step for the continuation of the VPN setup, it’s merely an option to manually configure the software to fit your needs.

Initiate the installation
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After taking care of the key prerequisites, you may now start the installation. To do so please click on the button "Install". If you need to make changes or want to make sure everything is adjusted perfectly, you may click on "Back".

Please note: Clicking on "Cancel" will close the wizard and end the SpyOFF VPN installation.

Complete the installation
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The SpyOFF VPN installation is now completed. By checking "Launch SpyOFF" you immediately start the VPN client. Please finalize the installation and click on "Finish".

Please note: It’s not required to check "Launch SpyOFF" in order to complete the VPN installation. The selection is optional, yet recommended for a swift usage of SpyOFF.

Wonderful! You successfully completed the installation of SpyOFF. You may now start SpyOFF and establish a VPN connection! Continue by clicking "next".

John, SpyOFF customer service