VPN Installation MacOS X - Tutorial

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Install SpyOFF
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Hi! I will guide you during the installation process. Please carry out every single step listed on the left. Click on the buzzing blue information icons for useful tips.

John, SpyOFF customer service

Please note: The SpyOFF VPN app cannot be found in the Mac App Store at the moment. However, you can still download and install the app by clicking the App Store button on the right.

Initiate the setup process
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Open the file "SpyOFF.dmg" by doube clicking it. Drag the "SpyOFF.app" icon into the folder "Applications", as seen in the image.

Please noten: By dragging the file "SpyOFF.app" into the folder "Applications" your Mac will automatically install the app. Continue by clicking "next".

Complete the installation
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The VPN installation is now complete. Now you can open the VPN client in the folder "Programs".

Please note: A notification window will pop-up and ask you whether you really want to open SpyOFF. Confirm by clicking "Open". You may need to enter your admin password in order to install a helper tool.

Wonderful! You successfully completed the installation of SpyOFF. You may now start SpyOFF and establish a VPN connection! Continue by clicking "next".

John, SpyOFF customer service