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To use SpyOFF with the VPN expert settings on your Windows device is not much needed. Step by step, after selecting the protocol to be used, we will explain how to use SpyOFF successfully and without complications. After just a few minutes, you can finally surf anonymously and safely! In addition, we would like to explicitly point out to use SpyOFF with our client in order to avoid DNS leaks. The manual, optional VPN expert settings are for experienced users, but are not required for use via the VPN client.

Please note: At the beginning you have to decide, if you want to make the VPN expert settings for the protocol L2TP or OpenVPN.

After selecting a protocol, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will be accompanied and supported step by step when setting up the VPN expert settings. The instructions describe both procedures very extensively.

Select a Protocol and configure the VPN expert settings

Which VPN protocol should I use?


The all-round alternative L2TP supports the block chiffre AES with a key length of 128 bits. This is additionally combined with the point-to-point encryption of Microsoft. The combination of elements is considered to be very secure and also works extremely reliably. In general, L2TP provides a very good balance because a medium path is achieved through a good level of security and an acceptable speed. However, the connection does not quite reach the speed of PPTP. As an alternative to OpenVPN, however, L2TP is definitely recommended.


In general, we recommend the highly reliable OpenVPN protocol to use. OpenVPN supports the encryption method AES with the block lengths of 128 bits as well as 256 bits. Using digital certificates, OpenVPN authenticates data on both sides using the user name and password. In addition, OpenVPN, when comparing the protocols, offers not only very good security, but also a very fast speed.