VPN Expert Settings MacOS X

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Install SpyOFF
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Hello! I will accompany you during the establishment of SpyOFF. Please follow the instructions on the left navigation bar step by step. I would also like to point out to you that manual settings under Mac OS X are mainly aimed at very experienced users.

John, SpyOFF customer service

In the first step, open the network settings by clicking on the "Network" icon in the menu bar. By clicking on the small "+" symbol at the bottom left, you can create a new connection.

Set up a VPN connection
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In the next step, select "General" and tap the menu item "VPN". To set the VPN expert settings, tap "Add VPN".

Please note: The protocols "L2TP over IPSec" and "PPTP" are available. Only one protocol can be selected.

Choose a server
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Name this connection e.g. SpyOFF. In the next step, enter your desired server address.

Please note: You can find out about the selection of servers on our website by opening the server list

Enter your access data
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Now enter your login data, consisting of user name and password.

Please note: You have entered your access data at your registration. The user name can also be found in your welcome mail. If you forgot your password, you can reset your password here.here..

Verify your login data
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In the next step, please click on "Authentication settings". Then enter the password you have set during user authentication. For computer authentication, the key ("Shared Secret") must be "vpn".

Establish a connection
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Click on "More Options ..." and tick the check box "Send all traffic via the VPN connection". To end the VPN setup please click on "Connect"..