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Hi! I will guide you during the installation process. Please carry out every single step listed on the left. Click on the buzzing blue information icons for useful tips.

John, SpyOFF customer service

Open the app and follow the VPN configuration steps. Click on "Start" and you’re asked to enter your login data in the next window. The login data consist of your user name and password. You can save your login data, so you don’t have to enter them again the next time you open SpyOFF. Confirm your entries and login.

Please note: You decided on your user name and password when you signed up. You can also look it up in your welcome mal. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

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After verifying your login data you can see the user interface of the VPN client. Choose the encryption protocol you want to use (OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP) by selecting a speed mode (Ultra Secure, Balanced and Highspeed). You can pick any country in order to establish a VPN connection. If the bar is red, you’re not connected to any VPN server.

Before connecting to a server, you should check whether you’re satisfied with the default settings. You can configure them by clicking "Settings".

Change your settings
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In the next step you can choose, whether you want to select a server yourself. Normally when you click on any country, the fastest server will be selected automatically. You can also opt for the "killswitch" feature which ensures that your network connection is interrupted when your VPN connection drops.

Please note: Changing the settings is optional and is not necessary in order to use SpyOFF.

Select a protocol
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You can select the protocol you wish to use when connecting to a server. You can choose between , OpenVpn and L2TP. You can find out more about VPN protocols here.

Please note: In order to establish a VPN connection, you must have exactly one protocol selected.

Select a country
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The VPN client is now completely set up. The configuration is done and you can continue by selecting a country/server.

Please note: You can also see the complete list of our servers here.

Select a server
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If you checked the option "select servers yourself" in the settings, you can see a list of all available servers on the right side after selecting a country. Besides the location and the server address, you can also see the available capacity and the ping of each server.

Please note: The closer the distance between your real location and the location of the server, the lower the ping and the better the speed of your VPN.

Start connecting to a VPN
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Set up a VPN connection by clicking "Connect". Once the connection is successfully established after a few seconds, the status bar will change from "Protection is not active" to "Protection is active". You now have a different IP address and your data traffic is encrypted.

You’ve completed configuring SpyOFF and you can now surf anonymously while your online privacy is protected! Have fun with SpyOFF!

John, SpyOFF customer service
Now you’re surfing anonymously!
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You can view your current location anytime.

Please note:You can also check your location by using online tools, such as What Is My IP.

Once you’ve checked your online location, you can rest assured that you’re really surfing anonymously. Enjoy having your online privacy protected!

John, SpyOFF customer service