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Install SpyOFF
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Please carry out every single step listed on the left. Click on the buzzing blue information icons for useful tips.

John, SpyOFF customer service

Open the SpyOFF app after successfully installing it. You can now see the user interface. Tap on “Select VPN server” and you’ll see an overview of all available server locations. Continue by clicking “Next”.

Choose a country
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When you tap on "Select VPN server", a list of server locations will appear. Please select your preferred country.

Please note: You can also see the complete list of our servers hereServerliste.

Select a server
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After selecting a country, you may choose a server.

Please note: The number of servers, as well as the capacity of each server may vary, depending on the country. Check the percentage of the available capacity.

Enter your user data
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Tap "Enter login data" and fill in the required information. Your login data consist of your user name and password. Confirm your entries by tapping on "Done".

Please note: You decided on your user name and password when you signed up. You can also look it up in your welcome mal. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

Start connecting to a VPN
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After completing the VPN configuration, tap on "Connect" in order to establish a VPN connection.

Please note: When you connect for the first time, a window will pop up, asking you whether you are sure you want to establish a VPN connection because your data traffic may be watched. As SpyOFF does not perform any kind of data logging, you can rest assured that nobody will ever be able to track your online activities.

Please confirm the notification by tapping on "OK". Then you’ll see the SpyOFF logo and a key symbol in your device’s status bar.

Now you’re surfing anonymously!
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You can view your current online location anytime which is not dependent on your actual location.

Please note: You can also check your location by using online tools, such as "What is My IP".

You’ve completed configuring SpyOFF and you can now surf anonymously while your online privacy is protected! Have fun with SpyOFF!

John, SpyOFF customer service