VPN Router Setup DD-WRT - Tutorial

Step 2

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Install SpyOFF
Surf anonymously
Connect the router to the internet
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Hello! I now accompany you with the establishment of SpyOFF on your router. The vibrant, blue info icons provide you with additional information.

John, SpyOFF customer service

First connect your modem or your already existing router over an Ethernet cable with your FlashRouter WAN / Internet port. Then connect the power supply and start your FlashRouter. Connect your FlashRouter to your computer or laptop using an Ethernet cable. Afterwards you can start with the setup!

Open the router-settings
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Open the DD-WRT administration in your browser by entering (usually) the address If problems arise with you and you can not reach this page, please reset your router to the factory setting. Then you can enter your user name (such as flashrouter), as well as your password (such as ddwrt). Your data is then checked and authenticated.

Configure your DNS
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Click "Setup" and then open the "Basic Setup" tab. (If you have just received your FlashRouter, your settings should already be correct.) In the "Static DNS" area, type the following combinations of DNS servers into the fields:

  • Google DNS Server:,
  • OpenDNS Server:,

Confirm your changes with "Apply Settings".

Configure your WLAN
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Click "Wireless" in the navigation bar. Then call the "Basic Settings" tab. Put in the settings that are showen in the following screen.

Enter the security settings
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Open the "Wireless Security" tab. Select "WPA2 Personal" in Security Mode and "AES" for WPA Algorithms.

Change your administration password
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Open the "Management" tab via "Administration". Delete the default entries and type your user name and your new password. Secure your entries with "Apply Settings". Remember, this user name and password are different from the logon data to your WLAN.

Start the OpenVPN client
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Open the "VPN" tab in the "Services" tab. Click the "Enable" button at "Start OpenVPN Client". As soon as this button has been clicked, further settings will appear. Do not forget to save "Save"!

Configure the OpenVPN Client
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Enter the following information as shown in the figure to the right of "OpenVPN Client".

Save your settings with "Save".

Make further settings
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Continue to configure advanced settings as shown.

Deposit the CA certificate
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CA Cert: Download the following file with our certificate and unpack it. Then open the file "ca.spyoff.com" with a text editor and copy the complete contents. Paste it into the CA Cert field. Save your settings with "Save"!

Establish a connection
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Click on "Administration" in the navigation bar. Open the tab "Commands" and enter the following lines:

  • #!/bin/sh
  • touch /tmp/auth.conf
  • echo „[Your Username]“ > /tmp/auth.conf
  • echo „[your pass]“ >> /tmp/auth.conf

Now click the "Management" tab. Click "Save Startup" to save your settings!

Scroll to the end of the page and click the "Reboot Router" button. Wait about 5 minutes and then open the http://www.whatismyip.com/ site to test your connection. If you do not succeed, repeat this step. If this test still does not work, please contact our support!