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SpyOFF is committed to freedom on the Internet. Censorship and regional content restrictions are a thing of the past with us. Enjoy cross-border access to your favorite content. Social media, music, TV series, sports events. Whatever you want, whenever you want!

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On all your devices!

The smartphone in your pocket, the PC at work, the iPad at home. No matter which device and how many there are: With a SpyOFF account you protect them all. We believe that safety should have no limits, that's why we have no device limit. Use SpyOFF on all your devices at the same time!

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Your data, your rules!

When you shop on the Internet or enter private data, you are the target of hackers. SpyOFF is your secure tunnel for online traffic. It encrypts your network data and hides your IP address. No matter what you do on the Internet, it remains anonymous and protected from theft. Your data, your rules!

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„Ultra high bandwiths so far - check! A no log policy as must - check! Many Servers and Locations - check! And all my devices are supported - check! For my needs exactly the right thing. I use Spyoff for about 3 months now and I'm happy with it, will recommend it.“

„It’s a very fast and reliable VPN Client. If you need help you can use the great costumer service. You will get a helpful answer very quickly. Besides the client-download is very easy. All in all it’s a good service at a fair price!“

„I’ve been using SpyOFF for more than a year and I’m very happy with it. Especially during the last half year the speed and performance have been so good that I didn't even notice I'm connected via a VPN server. You can even use SpyOFF to access services that are only available in a specific country because you can simply choose a server location in that country. My conclusion: SpyOFF is just great.“

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