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How does a VPN work?

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to securely connect to local or private networks while you are using a mobile device, public Wi-Fi or just out and about. Additional software is required which communicates with the network routers.
A VPN is a network which connects a device to the internet securely and privately by first connecting to a VPN server. By establishing a tunnel connection through the use of VPN protocols, you are able to access various websites by using the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. In order to connect your device to the server, a program is used that securely communicates with a network router to encrypt the data that is sent back and forth as you browse the internet.
SpyOFF has a free 15 day trial period. During this period you can use the full bandwidth available while you browse the web anonymously and securely. The SSL connection with a 256-bit encryption ensures your security and privacy. In addition, you can choose between 21 countries for your Geo-IP address.

Server Locations

SpyOFF offers 21 servers in various countries, including Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States!
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