Safe and anonymous browsing

Why should you use SpyOFF to browse the web undetected?

You will have without doubt already heard that companies try to compile comprehensive personality profiles. In so doing, it is not only your purchasing behavior, but also your product interests, religious affiliation and even your sexual orientation are collected and stored by companies. The selected data is then linked to your IP address and using this information, a digital fingerprint is created for you. This digital fingerprint features sensitive data, such as your address, name and other extremely personal information. In order to protect your privacy in the era of telecommunications data retention, you should definitely protect yourself against data spies and third parties. That is, all those could cause you potential damage.

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Avoid data theft

In today’s digital world, hackers pose an increasingly substantial threat. They can easily gain access to your device using sniffing apps and tools or find a way in through insecure passwords, which can be cracked within just a few minutes. In this way, hackers can hide behind your IP address; commit copyright violations, record account details or read sensitive, personal data. You can also be held accountable for all Internet activities that are carried out via your router. Therefore, it is extremely important that you protect your identity and your data correctly! In public WLAN hotspots in particular, there is a major risk that you and your data will fall victim to spies. Here third parties can very easily track your data traffic and gain access to information that is only intended to be viewed by you. The same applies for your Internet provider and mobile phone operator, who can study and prioritize your data by means of deep package inspections. By using SpyOFF’s VPN client, you can prevent violations of your privacy and at the same time increase your security when browsing the web.

Conceal your IP

There are several different ways to conceal your own IP address; however, there is only one really logical option when it comes to reliably protecting your privacy when online. Whereas proxy servers merely provide an alternative location without your browser, a VPN client offers complete anonymity for your computer and your mobile device. The TOR network is certainly similar to a VPN, but due to the quantity of server requests, cannot come close the realizing the speed of VPN service. We conceal your IP address on all of your devices and ensure that all of your data traffic remains private and anonymous. With the VPN client by SpyOFF you can also make use of the full speed of your Internet connection. Take advantage of our professional solution and browse securely and anonymously on all of your devices simultaneously!

Hide your ip address

Bypass geoblocking

There are now just a few select areas in which geoblocking is not an issue. Digital media broadcast over the Internet is only made available to users from certain regions. If no user rights have been acquired in a region, then you cannot access your desired media. Therefore with SpyOFF you can make use of the option to switch and conceal both your location and your IP address. With a few clicks you can unlock content and thus access all of your desired media. Make use of a VPN solution to protect your online privacy, preventing the identification of your location and thus ensuring that your browsing experience is no longer impaired. You can also use it to access media on your home computer when on holiday or on business trips!


Declare war on tracking

In the age of Big Data, companies and corporations are continually collecting user data. The information is assessed and used to create a profile – your profile! Due to the personal information that you disclose on the Internet, such as the websites you have called up, your interests or even your consumer behaviour, it is possible for companies to lure you with special, almost tailor-made offers.

You have no doubt at some point opened an Amazon link following a Google search, when you wanted to inform yourself regarding a certain product. Upon calling up the website, a cookie was placed on your computer which provides personal information each subsequent time that you call up the Amazon website. Based on this data, Amazon recommends other, similar products, which might encourage you to make a purchase. However, if you use the VPN solution by SpyOFF, you can connect to another server at any time and change your IP address. As such you are putting a spoke in the wheels of the advertising industry, as the information can no longer be unequivocally allocated to your profile.

The topic of search engine search results is going in a similar direction. Here too cookies play an important role, although GPS activated on your mobile device also brings up specific results. Because your location can be determined based on GPS or your IP address, search engines deliver results that are tailored to your position. For example, if you type “airport” into Google you will then be directed to the nearest airport as your result. This result is only produced as the result of the tracking of your location. However, if you wish to acquire basic information regarding airports in general, tracking impairs your result.

Realise data transfer without the worry

Browsing anonymously and securely is of course all well and good, but it is of little value if complications arise during data transfer. Secure and unrestricted data transfer is by all means essential if you wish to regularly stream your favourite films and series. Likewise, security and anonymity are just as important when it comes to downloads. Simply use the VPN client from SpyOFF and you needn’t give another thought to the security of your data transfer. We offer many different protocols and ensure the encryption of your data traffic – at all times!

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Prevent a DNS leak

The Domain Name System, or DNS for short, continually ensures that there a connection to the server established. It is responsible for requesting the IP address as soon as you call up a domain. However, in spite of there being a secure connection in place, a DNS leak can occur, as a result of which your anonymity and security within the network can no longer be 100% guaranteed. In this case the server receives requests via an unsecure network. This is triggered via the operating system. Here a predefined name server from the router is used, from the local network. However, SpyOFF protects you against a DNS leak as soon as you have successfully established a connection via the VPN client!