SpyOFF VPN is committed to allow all people a safe and private use of the Internet. We are striving to protect your privacy and therefore explain to you transparently:

  • Which data is generated
  • How these are used
  • What we consciously never record
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What SpyOFF is NOT recording:

  • IP addresses (neither from you nor from your destinations)
  • Browser history
  • Destination of Internet connection or meta data
  • DNS requests
The SpyOFF VPN software for computers and mobile devices is developed by our experts to meet the highest safety standards. The main focus is on providing a world-class VPN. That's why we take care to not create unnecessary records. Accordingly, even in case of a search or server seizure by authorities at SpyOFF no data on the activities of the users can be found.

What SpyOFF records and why:

As stated in our privacy policy, SpyOFF must record some things anonymously to ensure smooth operation, for example:

  • Successfully installed and activated apps and app versions
  • Utilization of the server to be able to balance load peaks
  • Total amount of data running through our infrastructure

Why this data needs to be collected

  • To give our technicians the ability to detect and fix problems as quickly as possible
  • In order to be able to identify and expand these in case of overloading certain nodes in the network

As can be seen from the above information, SpyOFF never records any data that would allow inferences about user activity or visited websites. Thus, even in the case of a search or data query by authorities nothing can be found or issued. Simply for the reason that one can not find or give out what is not there. This makes SpyOFF one of the few providers that really works log free.

Why some other providers are not logfree

Among the providers of VPN solutions, there is a large amount of companys who call themselves "log-free". However, if you take a closer look at their tariffs and restrictions on the service, you often find that, for example, only 5 devices can be connected at the same time or only a certain amount of data can be downloaded per month. But how such restrictions should be achievable without the provider accurately recording the usage by his customers remains open.
Because SpyOFF is serious about the No-Logs policy, there are no restrictions here. Neither the volume of data consumed nor the number of usable devices. Because if there were these, data would have to be logged.

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Alonso Montano

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