How to protect myself with SpyOFF

It doesn’t take much to start surfing the web securely and anonymously with SpyOFF. Start your test with 30 days money back guarantee, download the VPN Client of your choice and install SpyOFF. In order to improve your security even further, you have the option to set up additional security measures on your Wi-Fi. Though even just using SpyOFF will do a great deal to protect your online privacy.

Download the VPN client

Our app will get you perfect security trough its outstanding features. The SpyOFF VPN client enables you to use our services on multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, you can connect to any of our servers, and change your connection at all times, as often as you want. We also offer unlimited data transfer. This means you can transfer your data securely at all times. Download the VPN client for the device of your choice and protect your privacy with SpyOFF, because you alone should have access to your digital fingerprint!


Install SpyOFF correctly

In a time where restrictions on freedom of information are ever increasing, it is important to protect yourself and your privacy online. To use a VPN has a lot of benefits. The SpyOFF VPN client allows you to surf the web securely and anonymously. To make the installation process as smooth as possible for our customers, we provide detailed guides for all supported operating systems on everything from installing the client to optional advanced settings. It’s never been this easy to surf the web securely and anonymously!


Select a network protocol

In order to be truly secure and anonymous at all times when surfing the web, choosing the right protocol is essential. Look after your online privacy and take a few minutes to learn a bit more about the various types of protocol. The SpyOFF VPN client offers L2TP alongside PPTP, as well as OpenVPN. You can either use these directly through our VPN client, or you can install them manually. In our blog you will find useful information on other protocols and can find out which one is best suited for your needs.


Disguise your IP Address

With the SpyOFF VPN client you can surf the web securely and anonymously on all your devices. Choose a server and establish a connection. In just a few seconds this enables you to disguise your true IP address, as well as your location. You need have no worries about accessing any and all content online, carrying out data transfers smoothly and streaming to your heart’s content.


Secure your Wi-Fi

Even though the SpyOFF VPN client takes the utmost care over your online security, you can also further improve the situation yourself. For instance you can secure your own wireless network against hackers and spies. To encrypt it correctly use the up to date standard WPA2 PSK. Improve your security even further by using a secure password. Switch off your DHCP and limit the range of your router. Furthermore, you should secure your Wi-Fi with a MAC-filter and always keep your router up to date. The harder you make it for attackers, the better!


Prevent a DNS-Leak

The DNS (domain name system) establishes your connection to the server. It requests IP addresses as soon as you attempt to contact a domain. However, even with a secure connection, a DNS leak can occur, which would mean that your online security and anonymity could no longer be 100% guaranteed. If this occurs, the server will receive queries about an unsecured network. The operating system triggers this response when a predetermined nameserver uses the local network from the router. The SpyOFF VPN client protects you from a DNS leak, however, as soon as you have successfully established a connection!