Hide your IP address

What is an IP address?

IP addresses are assigned to devices that are connected to a computer network. The Internet Protocol makes devices addressable and thus accessible, which is essential for successful communication between technical devices. Generally speaking, the IP address is required to transmit data from the sender to the recipient. It should be possible to clearly identify the receiver of the data packages using the IP address. The IP address can thus be compared with the postal address on an envelope , although it is not location bound. Nowadays the most well-known notations are IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. These consist of either four or six numbers, which can accept values between 0 and 255, and are separated only by a period. However, from a technical perspective, the addresses are 32 or 128-digit binary numbers.

Hide your IP Address

How does VPN work?

A virtual private network enables encrypted and secure communication via the Internet. Initially, the VPN was used primarily by companies that wanted to grant their employees access to the company network, including from home and when on business trips. However, there is now another user group that is growing in number. Due to increased monitoring and telecommunications data retention, the VPN has increased enormously in significance for private individuals. Many companies continually record data in order to create personality profiles, with a view to optimising their own revenue. However, Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal are also one of the reasons for the increasing interest in online anonymity. For with a VPN, all of your personal online activities are encrypted and secure.

Generally a VPN works on the basis of an IP network, in which participants are separated from one another by a greater geographical distance. The connection to a login server is established via a VPN protocol. In doing so, an encrypted tunnel is set up, which takes care of the allocation of a new IP address. Thanks to this encryption, your communication outside of the network is no longer traceable. This tap-proof communication is made possible by a virtual network card, which is recognised as a normal Ethernet adapter and is used both by the system and by programs. This also ensures opacity, as your activities cannot be traced by providers, data collectors and other computers on account of the encryption. With a standard Internet connection without encryption, all data generated is divided into small packages and sent to the recipient unencrypted via the TCP/IP protocol. Using simple measures, this data can be recorded and intercepted. From an anonymity perspective, it is therefore extremely worthwhile using a VPN connection, as the tunnel conceals the user’s traffic.

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Conceal your IP address with SpyOFF

1. Create an account

In order to surf anonymously and have your data encrypted, you first require a SpyOFF account. You can do this here and try out the service for 30 days on all of your devices. If you are not completely satisfied with the speed, the security, or the possibilities our VPN offers you within 30 days, please tell us via e-mail or use our chat support in the Member Area and you will be refunded. You should also take a note of your user name and password, as you will be required to log into the VPN client using these details later.

Conceal your IP Address

2. Download the VPN client

The next step is to call up the download overview on our website. Then select the operating system with which you would like to browse anonymously and securely. Here you can choose from the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Downloading our VPN software is free of charge on all platforms, however, a valid, activated account is required in order to use it.

To be hidden, download the Client

3. Install the VPN client

In order to be able to permanently bypass the censorship of content, the correct installation of the VPN app is essential. In our overview, select from Android, iOS, Mac OS X or Windows. Then follow the steps of the installation guide for your platform. The manual expert settings described at the bottom of the page are optional and are not required for the proper use of the app.

Install the VPN to be hidden on the web

4. Log into the VPN client

Open the VPN app and login with your login details. It may, however, take a few seconds to check your details. Alternatively, you can also follow the instructions of the previous step as the login process for each operating system is described. Simply follow the instructions of the guide for your platform.

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5. Select and connect to a server

For more anonymity and security there are more than 1000 different server IPs available on any device, in 40 different countries. Simply choose a country and a server in order to connect and get a new IP address. You can switch between IP addresses without any restrictions.

no limits in server switching