Not so long ago the Internet was a place of free communication and unlimited freedom of expression. Now, due to commercial and state interests, these freedoms are becoming increasingly limited. Here we’re talking not only about dictatorships such as North Korea or communist states like Cuba, but also of large economic states such as China, popular travel destinations such as Turkey, or modern western states such as the USA. What begins with the blocking of harmless entertainment media can even go so far that it is practically only domestic websites or portals, which are supported by the government, that are accessible.

Geoblocking worldwide

Geoblocking restricts Internet content

Almost weekly a story about new forms of censorship and monitoring hit the headlines, which are aiming for blocking media, free speech and even art, which are considered as not in accordance with the state. With a view towards current political events on our world, the number of people who have an unrestricted Internet access will go down in the near future. Because, when allocating your IP address, your provider integrates a country-specific indicator, it is possible to trace the country from which you are connected to the Internet. The current IP address is electronically transmitted to the page operator when the page is called up. Then, once your IP address has been assigned a geographical origin, this operator decides whether or not to display his page content to you. However, with a VPN solution there is the option to prevent the identification of your own location.


Avail yourself of our VPN

With the help of a VPN client, you can browse securely and anonymously, you can change the country-specific indicator of your IP address at any time and can thus access all content, which is only intended for specific users due to geotargeting. That’s not only important for looking at blocked content, it´s also important, so that nobody can track your activity. Not only can you change your location on your PC, but it is also possible on your smartphone or tablet. Unlock all content and enjoy the benefits of VPN use. And consider this: With the SpyOFF VPN you are also protecting your online privacy and security.

Geoblocking in other Countrys

This is how to browse anonymously!

1. Create an account

In order to bypass the censorship of content affected by geoblocking, you first require a SpyOFF account. You can do this here and try out the service for 15 days, free of charge and on all of your devices. This is the first step to bypassing geoblocking and unlocking censored content. You should also take a note of your user name and password, as you will be required to log into the VPN client using these details later.

Signup for your Account

2. Download the VPN client

The next step is to call up the download overview on our website. Then select the operating system with which you would like to browse anonymously and securely. Here you can choose from the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Downloading our VPN software is free of charge on all platforms, however, a valid, activated account is required in order to use it.

Download without getting blocked

3. Install the VPN client

In order to be able to permanently bypass the censorship of content, the correct installation of the VPN app is essential. In our overview, select from Android, iOS, Mac OS X or Windows. Then follow the steps of the installation guide for your platform. The manual expert settings described at the bottom of the page are optional and are not required for the proper use of the app.

Install our Client

4. Log into the VPN client

Step Four is to open the VPN app and login with your login details. Then confirm your entries. It may, however, take a few seconds to check your details. Alternatively, you can also follow the instructions of the previous step as the login process for each operating system is described. Simply follow the instructions of the guide for your platform.

Enable your VPN

5. Select and connect to a server

In order to be able to browse anonymously and securely, there are more than 300 different server IPs available on any device, in 21 different countries. To successfully unlock content you must first know which country the chosen content is available in. Then select a server from this country. Now connect to this server. You should also consider deleting your cache and your cookies after successfully establishing a connection. After this there should be nothing standing in the way of an uncensored Internet.

Change your server