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Your Internet Service Provider and Government can track your online activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with SpyOFF VPN and become anonymous and secure!

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hide geo-location

Most content on the Internet is adjusted to your geo-location. That means you can only see what is available in your country! Do you want to stream everything on Netflix without local restrictions? By hiding your geo-location you make sure that you will always have access to everything the Internet has to offer!

surf anonymously

It's a well-known fact that everybody is being monitored when using the Internet. That means the state, your Internet Service Provider and even the websites you visit know who you are, where your are, which movies you watch and which messages you read. Do you want to lock out spies? Get SpyOFF and start surfing anonymously and independently!

security while surfing

SpyOFF offers several great features to maximize security while surfing. Depending on the level of security you prefer for your connection we have different VPN protocols. Our Leak Tests grant possibilities to prevent revealing your true IP address. If you should ever loose connection to our server, the Kill switch immediately caps all data transfer. In addition, SpyOFF does not log any data about your usage behavior! That means you're even safe when servers are confiscated or data centers are monitored!

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