SpyOFF VPN`s great features!

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Umlimited access

Connect with as many devices as you wish. Only one account needed! Nowadays everyone has serveral devices with which he is connected to the internet. For this reason we don´t have any restrictions on how many devices can be connected at one time. This means you can connect to our VPN servers simultaneously with your computer, smartphone and tablet. So that you are always protected on all of your gadgets. Even easier you can protect all your devices in the network through a VPN Router. Together with FlashRouters, we have developed a router with SpyOFF pre-installed. You can find more information about that here: SpyOFF VPN Router by FlashRouters


Our Killswitch is a precautionary measure that additionally protects you. If your app ever loses connectivity to our server, the Killswitch will immediately kill all data transfers. So your private IP address never becomes public. To adjust what happens when a connection is lost, just go to your apps menu and choose one of the options. With activated Killswitch you are never unprotected on the Internet and your private IP address remains what it should be: Private.

Secure protocols for every usage

Whether surfing, streaming or online banking. For everything you do on the Internet, we have the perfect VPN protocoll. In our overview you will find all available protocols and what they can best be used for. However, one basic rule is: the more confidential your activities are, the more secure the encryption of the protocol you use should be!

For every devices

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux or even routers. We offer you a suitable app for all your devices. So that you are always safe from espionage, geoblocking and more on all your devices! If there is no app for your device, you can use the OpenVPN client. You can find instructions for this in our self-help. You can find all our servers in our server list at any time

Unlimited data volume

You're a Netflix junkie and you're worried that you run out of data while your binge watching sessions? Since we fully understand you, SpyOFF never limits the data volume. With every package you can upload and download as much as you want! Our high speed servers are always up to some fun!

Unlimited Server Changes

Your IP address can tell your approximate location. As a result, you may not see certain content or you may be excluded from offers. To make this never a problem for you, you can change the server as often as you want with SpyOFF. So you can change your location at any time and without restriction and enjoy all content uncensored. You can find the locations of our servers in our location overview

No-Logs Policy

SpyOFF does not log any data about your usage behavior! As a result, you're even safe when servers are confiscated or data centers are monitored. In order to keep you up to date with any regulatory interference, we have set up a "Warrant Canary" page. On this you can always check if SpyOFF can continue to protect you completely. If you want to know more about our strict No-Logs Policy we have also created a page with all the information. In summary,
if you use SpyOFF nobody can ever see what you are doing on the internet ..

Leak Tests

The most common problems with VPN providers are the DNS- and WebRTC-Leak. These can by certain techniques reveal your true IP address. To prevent this, we have set up both a DNS leak test and a WebRTC leak test on our website . So you can be sure to be fully protected at all times! And if there should be difficulties, you will also find ways to fix them!