Frequently asked questions

A VPN (= virtual private network) enables you to securely access a local or private network when travelling. In order for the VPN to communicate with the network router you need to install software on your computer / an app on your mobile device.
A VPN is a closed subnetwork. The physically separate users of this IP network connect to the same server through the VPN protocol. A tunnel is created. Once the encryption is set up, users are assigned a new IP address. Thanks to the encrypted Internet connection, computers outside the VPN network can no longer read or modify communication.
SpyOFF does not provide an Internet connection. In order to use a VPN, an existing Internet connection is required.
A proxy is a communications interface that protects your browser-related Internet activities. SpyOFF VPN protects all of your online activities.
We happily report that by using SpyOFF you won’t usually notice any difference in speed.
Usually, you won’t notice any difference in speed. Occasionally, however, users report that speed reduction by your Internet provider can be avoided using SpyOFF. Thus, SpyOFF VPN helps maximizing your Internet connection.
With SpyOFF, you can test all the great features we have to offer for a full 30 days! In case you should not be fully convinced, contact our support to get your money refunded. We do not ask questions; there are no costs for you.
Yes, you can use SpyOFF on multiple devices and even at the same time! Simply install the appropriate app for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, activate the connection, and get started instantly.
As soon as you are connected to our VPN server, a virtual network interface protects all of your programs that access the Internet.
This isn’t necessary. Once set up, SpyOFF will work regardless of the new location. To achieve a better performance, however, we recommend re-connecting to a server closer to your new position.
As soon as a connection is established, the app indicates that you are “Connected”. The software for PC additionally has a symbol in the task bar that changes its color to green when you’re connected to a SpyOFF server. If you still want to make sure your IP address has changed, you may visit to find out your current IP address.
You may certainly set up SpyOFF on your router in order to protect all of your connected devices. We recommend a VPN compatible router by FlashRouters. Please see the installation guide for your router regarding manual configuration.