With a VPN (virtual private network), you can access a local network or your private network when travelling. Software is required for this, which is installed on the computer, but which also communicates with the network router.
A VPN is a self-contained sub-network. The users of the IP network are thus spatially separated from each other and connect to the server through the VPN protocol. A tunnel is created. Once the encoding is constructed, users are assigned a new IP. Thanks to the encoded connection with the Internet, computers outside the VPN network can no longer read or change communications.
No, you require an existing Internet connection to be able to use our VPN service.
A proxy is a communication interface organised online that protects your activities in the Internet browser. With the SpyOFF VPN, you can additionally also protect the browser.
No. You will not usually notice any difference in speed.
Differences in speed never usually occur. However, some users occasionally report that the slow-down of speed by your Internet provider can be avoided.
Of course, you can try out SpyOFF for 15 days free of charge. You will be able to use your full DSL bandwidth. You can additionally surf anonymously and safely online. The SSL connection with 256-bit encoding ensures your safety. In addition, you can select your geo-IP from 17 different countries.
Yes, you can use SpyOFF on various devices at the same time. Simply install the app for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, activate the connection, and go!
As soon as you are connected to our VPN server, a virtual network interface is used, which protects all of your programs that access the Internet.
This isn’t necessary. SpyOFF will always work, wherever you may travel. However, you can get better performance when you connect to a closer server.
If you establish a connection via one of our apps, the application shows you with the word “connected” and a green symbol that you’ve connected successfully. Also you can find out with a website like “https://www.whatismyip.com/” which IP address you’re using right now.
The $1 is no charge but a authorization hold. We have to do this to ensure that your credit or debit card is valid. You will not have any permanent charges associated with this hold. The hold should be gone from your account within 48 to 72 hours, depending on your bank. Be sure we will never make any additional charges without your authorization.