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.NET Framework 4.5 is required.

SpyOFF also secures your anonymity online with Windows 10.

Take advantage of all the benefits of SpyOFF!

Multiple logins

Only with SpyOFF can you use a VPN service to browse anonymously on multiple devices at the same time. Furthermore, unlike other service providers, your chosen package has no influence on the services available to you. Make use of all the possibilities that SpyOFF presents and protect your privacy across all your devices. Whether on tablet, smartphone, or PC – you can surf the web securely with SpyOFF. SpyOFF is your constant companion and guardian angel when it comes to anonymity and security on your devices.

Access to all servers

We currently offer over 14,000 IPs and 300 servers in 18 different countries. While other service providers determine which servers you can access depending on the package you have chosen, SpyOFF guarantees full access to all our servers, regardless of you choice of package – even during the trial period! In this way we ensure the online security and privacy of all our users without exception. Have a look for yourself and try out our VPN client now free of charge for the first 15-days!

Unlimited changes of server

The number of server transfers is not important for us at SpyOFF. With all our packages we offer the ability to switch servers at all times and as often as you like. Alongside this you are also able to use our services on all your devices: your online anonymity is guaranteed at all times thanks to secure connections. As a user, take advantage of our huge range of servers and IPs in order to make use of websites without any restrictions. Try it now, surf the web anonymously for 15-days free of charge!

Unlimited data transfer

Our VPN service provides you with not only secure, but also unlimited data transfer at all times. You no longer need to worry about online data tracking. Stream your favourite films or TV series whenever you want. Don’t fret about your security when submitting passwords. Transfer your data online without restrictions. Our VPN client allows for smooth, anonymous, secure and unlimited downloads of files and media streaming at all times – even during the trial period – and on all your devices!