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.NET Framework 4.5 is required.

SpyOFF also cares about your security and privacy online with Windows 10.

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Get SpyOFF now for Windows 7, 8, 10, or your portable devices (iOS, Android) and Windows Mobile! After downloading the VPN client and successfully installing it you can finally browse securely and anonymously online. By using our VPN app you can quickly and easily disguise your IP address and thereby remove your data trace. It will be almost impossible for data spies, companies and governments to put together a comprehensive profile on you, including your interests and data. We look after your online security, ensure that you have access to all possible content, provide a multitude of country IPs and offer a browsing experience without any loss of speed. At the same time you can connect to our entire range of servers and change your connection as often as you want. In addition to this we can take you through the installation process step by step to ensure the smooth operation of the VPN app and get you browsing the web safely and anonymously in minutes. Download SpyOFF for Windows now and try our VPN app for free!

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You will, of course, have heard that companies try to put together comprehensive profiles on their users. Alongside your purchasing patterns, companies also keep an eye on your product preferences, religious beliefs and even your sexual orientation. Following this, the extracted data is bound to your IP address and a digital fingerprint of your personality is created. This fingerprint includes sensitive data such as your name, address and further highly personal information. In order to ensure your privacy in the age of data retention, you can protect yourself with our VPN client for Windows. Our VPN app can disguise your digital fingerprint!

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