Advantages of using a VPN

You do not have a VPN yet? Here are 6 good reasons why YOU should use one!

  • No monitoring by your Internet service provider
  • No surveillance by the state
  • No geoblocking
  • ... and more
Benefits of using a VPN
No monitoring by your ISP

No monitoring by your ISP

Did you know that your Internet service provider monitors all your activities on the Internet? In the US, it even goes so far that Internet service providers make sure certain websites load faster than others. You don’t want to be constantly observed while surfing? You don’t want to have someone else decide which services load quicker or slower? Then register for SpyOFF VPN now and surf safely, independently, and anonymously!

No surveillance

No surveillance by the state

The publication of articles involving information leaked by Edward Snowden have shown that the intelligence services monitor our entire traffic, so the state knows exactly what you are doing on the Internet. More precisely, this means they know:

  • which pages you visit
  • which movies you are watching
  • which messages you read

Protect yourself from surveillance with a VPN and lock out the spies -
So that private stuff remains what it should be: private.

VPN Geoblocking

No geoblocking

Ever started a series on Netflix on holiday which was then no longer found at home? Then you already became a victim of geoblocking! You will only see content limited to your country. If you want to decide what content you can see use a VPN and change your location!

No censorship

No censorship

Restrictive regimes such as Iran or North Korea are known to filter content on the Internet. Certain content is targeted by the state to be censored. Less well known is that this happens in nearly every country not just in restrictive regimes - if not so extensive. However, we believe that a citizen of a free country should always have the opportunity to learn about anything. SpyOFF VPN helps you regain your freedom!

Cheaper offers trough VPN

Low-cost offers

On vacation, you saw a really cheap offer for a flight. After you are back home you would like to book this offer and it suddenly costs a few hundred bucks more? This whole thing is called "Dynamic pricing" and means only that the ticket is sold for the maximum price possible at your current location. People from higher-income countries are priced higher than people from lower-income countries. Change your location with a VPN and save money. Like a pro!

Secure WLAN

Safe surfing in public WIFI

Public WIFI is a great thing. Whether you’re on the train, at the airport, or with friends, you can surf comfortably, receive e-mails, and generally stay up to date. However, the problem is that you never know who’s in the WIFI with you. And, how can you be sure that others won’t run a network snoop and log your activity, data, and passwords? This can get expensive really fast when your bank data is intercepted. With a VPN you can encrypt your communication securely and finally surf in public WIFI without any worries!

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