Our Company

SpyOFF is operated by Sareta S.r.l. and based in San Marino. We have made it to our mission to protect as many people as possible from surveillance, censorship, ISP throttling and governmental control. Our passion arises from just a few but important words:

Privacy and online anonymity is an incontestable human right

To achieve this goal, an internationally distributed team of experts has gathered behind the founders. Deeply convinced that everyone has a right to digital self-determination, we work hard every day to achieve our main goal: offer perfect protection for all SpyOFF users.

Our location

We have chosen our corporate headquarters in such a way that no government interventions, examinations or data queries are to be expected. With the current intelligence agreements including Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes, this has become an everyday worry. Due to the media, heavily respected publications by Edward Snowden have allowed the public to become aware of these intelligence alliances and their machinations. The tragic reality has evolved into a permanent surveillance of citizens and data retention. Not only citizens are affected by these problems but also VPN providers based in EU Countries or the United States. San Marino grants its citizens and companies the greatest possible freedom with a good infrastructure, so that the Republic is the optimal location for a VPN provider who takes the privacy of its users seriously.

Our Team

Our powerful team consists of over 40 experts from various disciplines. These include software developers, online security specialists and network administrators. Our Goal is to achieve the best possible security for all users. That is also why a perfect and easy user experience is one of our main goals. Only if every user can comfortably and easily use SpyOFF, will the greatest possible protection of their online privacy be ensured. Our entire SpyOFF team is determined to give back Internet anonymity to all the people of the world.